How to correctly choose cotton rope for weaving?

How to correctly choose cotton rope for weaving?

一. Our Cotton Rope Types:

1. 3 Ply Cotton Rope

2. 1 Ply Cotton Rope

3.Cored Cotton Rope

4. Braided 8 Ply Cotton Rope

5. Crochet Rope

二. What is the difference between three-strand cotton rope and cored yarn?

1. The appearance difference:

  • 3 Ply cotton rope: The delicate yarn is divided into three strands and twisted in the same direction. The tail of the three-strand thread can be divided into three strands, or all can be combed and spread into delicate tassels.
  • Cored cotton rope: It is surrounded by core wire and outer braided wire, which is not easy to disperse, and is round and stiff.

2. The difference between weaving works:

  • 3 Ply cotton rope: relatively soft and delicate, can be spread out to make tassels, the naturally drooping tail is slightly curled and elegant, which will add beauty to the work. Very suitable for weaving: tapestries, door curtains, flower baskets, lampshades, pillows, flowers and other works.
  • Cored cotton rope: relatively round and stiff, it will make the weaving texture look clearer and neater, suitable for weaving works with a sense of shape. It can handle various styles of bag works. It is the first choice for weaving bags. It can also weave other works, such as table flags, table mats, belts, door curtains, pillows and other works.

三. Appreciation of works

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