About us

Our company ROPEMATE(Guangzhou Ten Directions New Material Co.,Ltd.)has been established in 2017 and we are focusing on Craft Yarns,especially Macrame cords. We bring premium quality macrame cords to our local macrame artists.

Our Macrame Cords has three different group inside. There are Macrame Rope, Macrame String and Macrame Braided. Within the Macrame Braided, we have Macrame Braided-Core,Macrame Braided-Plait,Macrame Braided-XXLace respectively. Regarding existing colors in stock, Macrame Rope and Macrame String have 42 colors,Macrame Braided-cored has 37 colors. You can see all colors on our catalogue or color card. To get more information about packaging and minimum order per colour, please feel free to reach our ROPEMATE Team.

ROPEMATE offers you different type of yarns which are suitable for many crafting projects.
Single strand, twisted and braided types of Macrame Cords for your macrame crafting projects.
Our yarns are suitable for knitting and crochet projects like fashion accessories, home decoration and amigurumi.

The possibilities of designs are endless and largely depend on your creativity.

Every year we try to release some new type of yarn, so our product range is constantly updated. We are always seeking the best raw materials to produce quality and convenient yarns.

Our aim is to provide quality and also competitive service by acting in accordance with the wishes of our customers.

Thank you for choosing ROPEMATE.