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COTTON ROPE Braided - 10 MM
» Size approx. 10mm 
» Made with 100% Raw Cotton

L E N G T H :
1)10 m -- 10 MM ( 0.4" diameter )
1)20 m -- 10 MM ( 0.4" diameter )

*The measurements are approximate length and weight.

* Very soft handling & smooth feel.
* Abrasion resistant.
* Withstands shock load.
* Knots well, without kinks.
* Good recovery from stretch.

* Can be dyed
***This rope contains no synthetic fillers. So it can be dyed the color you want.


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When ordering for specific projects, please consider ordering 20% more than you think you will need.

Luxe single strand

Made by 100% premium soft cotton.

It’s super soft, easy in your hands and it will help you to create the piece you have in mind. It is the perfect textural addition to your designs. Loose feel and excellent to easily make tassels, knot and texturise.

Made with 100% natural fibres.
All the fibres have the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX certification, spun with water and dyed with non toxic tints.

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    Free shipping for orders over $99+

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    Our Cord,Marked Cotton 100%,are Made Up of 100% Cotton,without a Single Gram of Acrylic.